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An absolute must for a winemaker here in the Palatinate area are uncomplicate, easy drinkable wines delivering the natural characters of the grapes they are made of. They are also the basis for the famous Palatinate national drink called “Schorle” (a mixture of sparkling water and wine).

• Müller-Thurgau
• Riesling dry und brut
• Rosé dry

Estate wines

This category includes our “5 Wingert Riesling“ dry and half-dry, our pinot varieties and our reds matured in big wooden barrels.
The varieties here are really different and so are our winemaking techniques. Our wines offer everything- from traditional fermentation in steel tanks to spontaneous fermentation in smaller wooden barrels. All of this guarantees you an authentic and variety typical wine experience.

  • 5 Wintert Riesling dry and half-dry- A first step on the way to becoming a fan of Riesling. A classical estate wine dry and half-dry; juicy and intense – invites you to drink more than just one glass.
  • Pinot Blanc– fresh, and lively pinot with decent acidity
  • Pinot Gris – round and harmonic body combined with the ripe melon fruit flavor.
  • Spätburgunder Weißherbst
  • Dornfelder fruity cherry bouquet – an animating wine
  • Pinot Noir velvetly- soft and beautifully structured, a rather cool fruit supported by maceration and fermentation in big wooden barrels.
    A rosé which is only vinified of Pinot Noir grapes.
  • Sankt Laurent: intensive aroma of wild berry and black cherry

Village wines

Our oldest vineyards located along the slopes of the Haardt produce our “Ortsweine”. Our main aims here are to present the territory and elegance in those wines. To achieve this we only harvest healthy grapes full of aroma which we then only observe without intervention in our cellar.

  • Wachenheimer Riesling
    A typical Riesling of the Mittelhaardt area with high acidity and notes of citrus.; grown on mottled sand- and limestone soil.
  • Dürkheimer Riesling:
    a typical representative of this vineyard site; mottled sandstone with layers of limestone; a full-bodied, fruity wine.

Lebenshilfe Cuvées

Each of our Lebenshilfe Cuvées is made up of several grape varieties, just as our group of wine-growing people is made up of many different personalities. A cuvée combines the best advantages of the individual grape varieties into a harmonious wine, just as each and every one of our employees makes up our group through their character. That‘s why our cuvées are uncomplicated wines with lots of fruit and drinking pleasure.

  • Lebenshilfe Rosé:
    a refreshing summer companion- not quite dry but very lively
  • Lebenshilfe Weiss
  • Lebenshilfe Rotwein
    made of Merlot, Cabernet Franc and Cabernet Sauvignon
    A full-bodies blend of Cabernet and Merlot barrels, complex fragrance with an inspiring body


Another one of our passions is the production of extraordinary traditionally bottle-fermented sparkling wines.
It is an exciting moment to open one of those bottles after at least nine months of ageing on the lees and to find out if the other steps leading to that particular moment were successful.

  • Riesling Sekt dry und brut: a lively and refreshing Riesling sekt.
  • Rosé Sekt brut: made from Pinot Noir grapes, full-bodied and fragrant flavor
  • „Goldrausch“ Pinot Sekt Cuvée brut: A cuvee from Pinot Noir and Pinot Blanc grapes; partly fermented in wooden barrels; creamy texture and full-bodied; sadly quickly sold out
  • Secco2 weiß und rosé: A sparkling wine with added carbon dioxide; an uncomplicated, sparkling companion for every situation.

Sweet wines

In some years we are able to harvest especially rape grapes which we use for our small amounts of sweet wines.

  • 2012 Dürkheimer Riesling selected harvest: harvested late and right on the peak of ripeness it has beautiful notes representing this ripeness, as well as slight petrol tones and and aromas of nud, dried fruit and apricot.
  • 2015 Wachenheimer Königswingert Scheurebe selected harvest: a wine for special occasions, cassis and a fine apricot aroma

LAGENWEINE – single vineyard wines

A high amount of our work and considerations go into those wines. We were able to recultivate the historic, terraced vineyards around Bad Dürkheim’s Michael’s chapel and around Wachenheim’s Wachtenburg and those landscapes produce beautiful, unique wines.

Manual labor in the vineyards, carefully hand-picked and selected grape material and an individual maturing make this wine very special.

Single vineyard wines: Schlossberg

The Schlossberg is the origin of our work since it all began with the reculivation of those historic terraced vineyards which are heritages of our predecessors who have put a lot of effort and work into those terraces. Thanks to them we are able to harvest beautiful wines from those precious natural spaces.
The soil in this area consists of poor sandstone and because of this and its elevated location the grapes up show late ripeness. So the harvest in this single site vineyard called “Schlossberg” always brings about the end of our harvest season. The wines are often a little bit more cool, more salty and have typical peach aromas.

  • Schlossberg Riesling: Terraced single site vineyard around Wachenheim’s Wachtenburg; a structured Riesling with fresh acidity
  • „Die Burg“ Riesling: the best grapes of the best parcels around the Wachtenburg; late harvest, individual maturing; a powerful wine with a high ageing potential.

Single vineyard wines: Michelsberg

This vineyard is located right in the middle of Bad Dürkheim and Michaelis chapel is right on top if it.

We lease this vineyards from the city and so we are able to produce Riesling and Pinot Blanc on two terraced vineyards. The soils around the chapel is characterized by limestone. Because of this and because of the heat that the city produces the wines from this single site vineyards are full-bodied and full of yellow fruit aromas.

  • Michelsberg Riesling: Matured in small wooden barrels; a full-bodied and rich Riesling with peach notes
  • Michelsberg Weissburgunder: A creamy and full-bodied Pinot with notes of yellow fruits and peach aromas; matured in small wooden barrels.

Single vineyard wines: Reds

When producing our reds we are usually a little bit more adventuresome. From destemping by hand and maturing in old barriques to spontaneous fermentations- we do it all! The material for our Cabernet Sauvignon comes from a single site called “Altenburg” in Wachenheim. The minimal yields of this vineyards tend to drive us crazy. But they are also the reason why the juice of those grapes is so highly concentrated. For our Pinot Noir elegance is our most important aim and the influence of the baroque is then the icing on the cake.

  • Schlossgarten Spätburgunder: Matured in barrique, full-bodied tannin structure, roasted aroma with delicate fruit.

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